3 biggest tests for Jacksonville Jaguars on their 2023 schedule

2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games
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2. Week Five - Away @ Buffalo Bills (In London)

The matchup between the Bills and the Jaguars is going to be huge.

The Jacksonville Jaguars play overseas a lot. They are very much used to being a squad that plays very far away from home.

There is a new wrinkle here in 2023, however. They are going to play back-to-back games across the pond. The first one will be against the Atlanta Falcons in week four but the week five matchup against the Buffalo Bills is the true test.

Jacksonville is the designated "away" team in this particular game but both teams are obviously nowhere near home when they are in London.

Obviously, it is a test to play after that much travel (and staying away for close to two weeks), but it is also the Buffalo Bills who are one of the best teams in the NFL.

With Josh Allen leading the way for the Bills, they have an elite squad that believes they can win the Super Bowl this year. They came up short last year but will be hungrier than ever in 2023. The Jaguars can beat them but they need to be at their best.