Jaguars’ decision could affect their pockets, clown movement is paying off

Joshua Cronick
A Jaguars fan wears a mustached paper bag at TIAA Bank Field. [Bob Self/Florida Times-Union]
A Jaguars fan wears a mustached paper bag at TIAA Bank Field. [Bob Self/Florida Times-Union] /

The Jacksonville Jaguars are consistently bad at making bad decisions both on and off the field and keeping general manager Trent Baalke around might come costly. They have been sued by because they don’t want their name to be associated with the clown movement that is transpiring in Jacksonville.

Sponsors come in many shapes and sizes that will generate considerable amounts of money for the team and if I’m the Jaguars, I would avoid destroying the relationships with the brands that are willing to work with you. I’m sure potential companies will be watching how this situation plays out. is wanting to remove their name from the game that has been dubbed the “clown game.” Here is what they have to say, via The Florida Times-Union:

" claims the Jaguars created a toxic environment around its brand and the team is incapable of providing the benefits that were agreed upon."

This might be the beginning of something that the Jaguars want to avoid. I believe that we are about to see some more of these developments. If RoofClaim is successful in its pursuit to get some or all of the money that is paid for the sponsorship. It has been reported that it’s about $600,000 of revenue. Throughout a spokesperson, the Jaguars have described the lawsuit as “baseless and without merit”. Moreover, the organization will “exhaustively protect their interest” in this matter. It will be interesting to see how things play out.

The Jaguars’ decision to keep Trent Baalke is having consequences.

The clown movement is certainly getting enough attention that doesn’t want to be associated with the Jaguars. How far will this push Shad Khan in his quest to bring relevance to the franchise in a time of need? Even if the lawsuit fails, it’s unlikely that he likes the negative attention the organization is getting because of it. NFL owners are put into positions that allow the world to see how well you can run a franchise or magnify the problems that you have. Of course, we have seen a lot of the latter happening in almost all of the years of the existence of the franchise. Keeping Trent Baalke is just the most recent one.

Will this be enough of a revenue cut to make some moves in the front office? I do not believe a multi-billionaire like Shad Khan is going to be affected by this smaller amount of money. He has to consider the optics and the impact this might have in the long run of the franchise. Speculation recently has suggested he is willing to roll with the punches and see this situation play out with Baalke remaining in the front office.

Here are some questions to consider: Is this the first of many? If so, what actions will come next?

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