Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence takes off, scores rushing TD

Trevor Lawrence (16), quarterback of the Jacksonville Jaguars (Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports)
Trevor Lawrence (16), quarterback of the Jacksonville Jaguars (Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports) /

After losing their first three games of the 2021 season, the Jacksonville Jaguars are off to a good start in their Week 4 matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals. The Jags currently hold a 14-0 lead thanks to a rushing touchdown by quarterback Trevor Lawrence early in the second quarter.

The Jaguars have made an early commitment to running the ball. In the first half of the game, running back James Robinson toted the rock 12 times for 64 yards. Also, he was the first player to score on Thursday Night Football. Wide receiver Laviksa Shenault Jr. and return specialist Jamal Agnew also had a combined two carries for 22 yards. What’s surprising is that Lawrence got the ball.

NFL coaches are hesitant to have their quarterbacks run the ball. That makes sense though. You don’t want to expose your most important player to injuries. On the other hand, future (and the scoreboard) favors the bold. In this case, it paid off to let the former Clemson Tiger run the ball. Here’s the rushing touchdown in case you want to watch take a look at it or haven’t watched it yet.

The Jacksonville Jaguars could very well earn their first win of the year.

No victory is guaranteed in the NFL. After all, the Jags early in the third quarter of their Week 3 matchup against the Cardinals but allowed 21 unanswered points and ended up losing. Cincy could come back at any point, so don’t uncork the champagne just yet.

Heading into halftime, Jacksonville’s defense has limited Bengals running back Joe Mixon to 14 yards on five carries. Quarterback Joe Burrow is 8-of-12 for 95 yards and no touchdowns. Meanwhile, Lawrence has completed nine of 13 passes for 127 yards. He also has five carries for 26 yards and the aforementioned rushing touchdown. Shenault has logged two receptions for a season-high 59 yards.

There’s still a whole half left to play but if the Jaguars don’t take their foot off the pedal, they may get their first win of the year and end the 18-game losing streak they’re currently sitting on.

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