These Jacksonville Jaguars ‘reminiscent’ of Jimmy Johnson’s 90s Cowboys

This Jacksonville Jaguars may resemble a legendary team.

After a few weeks of speculation, the Jacksonville Jaguars have made Urban Meyer their new head coach, the seventh in franchise history if you include Mel Tucker. This is arguably one of the most meaningful moves in team history and it resembles the one a legendary franchise underwent back in the 90s.

Ed Werder of ESPN believes that the Jaguars hiring Meyer after a 1-15 season is reminiscent of the Dallas Cowboys getting Jimmy Johnson from Miami and drafting Troy Aikman with the first overall selection in 1989.

There are certainly some parallels. Both teams had the worst record in the league before they brought in their new head coach (Jaguars 1-15 in 2020, Cowboys 3-13 in 1988). Meyer was a successful head coach in college, just like Johnson. Moreover, the ‘Jags’ currently hold the top pick in the 2021 NFL Draft and will likely use it to take Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

The Cowboy finished the 1989 season with a 1-15 record but then went on to win two Super Bowls in 1992 and 1993 with Johnson as their head coach. It’s possible the Jaguars wouldn’t mind winning just one game in 2021 if it meant they could win two championships.

The Jacksonville Jaguars wouldn’t mind history repeating itself.

Keep in mind Werder isn’t making a bold prediction, he just pointed out the fact there are similarities between the 2021 Jaguars and the 1989 Cowboys. He isn’t saying the ‘Jags’ will enjoy the same kind of success ‘Big D’ enjoyed in the 90s. He simply shared an observation.

On the other hand, this Jacksonville team has the potential to be great. Besides Meyer’s addition, they have 11 draft picks at their disposal and are projected to have $73.36 million in cap space this offseason. If Meyer’s success at the college level can carry over to the pros, it won’t be long before the Jaguars turn the corner and become a perennial contender.

There is plenty of work left to do, and hiring Meyer was just the first step. The Jaguars need to make the right moves if they want to start winning games, but who knows? They could end up turning the corner and win the way a 90s team did with Jimmy Johnson as its head coach.