Jaguars Jalen Ramsey Not A Concern For Odell Beckham, Jr.


The matchup on Sunday between Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey and Odell Beckham, Jr. figures to be one that many fans follow on Sunday.

Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey made it clear when he spoke to the media on July 31 he had already circled the date for the first game of the season with the New York Giants and wide receiver Odell Beckham, Jr.

While Ramsey makes a living on trying to get inside the head of his opponents, the Giants wide receiver said it won’t be an issue come game day.

The outspoken third-year player knew it would be something that would be addressed at some point between then and the start if the regular season.

"“Let’s get this out the way right now. He [Odell Beckham Jr.] is a good receiver. We all know that. But you all know me at the same time. Yeah, he’s good, but I’m good too,” he explained with the confidence the former first-round pick displays on the practice field and on game day.“If you want to say he’s the best at his position, I’m the best at my position, so we are going to go at it. We are going to give the people a show the first game of the season. He is going to have some wins, I am going to have some wins. I just plan on having more wins. That is the plan I am going to go in there with.”"

The Jaguars begin the regular season in an unfamiliar position – the team everyone in the AFC South is looking up to. Now, Ramsey and his defensive teammates will attempt to stop a Giants offense that has weapons at wide receiver and a rookie running back in Saquon Barkley who is expected to be the next big thing.

Then there is the veteran quarterback Eli Manning, who played for Jaguars Executive VP Tom Coughlin on two Super Bowl winning teams.

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Ramsey seemed unphased playing against Beckham and the Giants then and should maintain the same persona when he steps on the field in New Jersey on Sunday.

"“I am going to work my ass off to get to that point to, like I just said, not let anybody down. I am sure he is doing that on the other side too,” Ramsey added.“That is what you all asked for as fans of the game, as [fans of] the NFL, everybody. That is what you all asked for. We are going to give it to you, for sure. I know I am.”"

Beckham was interviewed by the New York Post on Wednesday and spoke about the chance to play against one of the best in the game on defense.

He said he is aware of Ramsey’s head games and won’t allow himself to be taken out of his comfort zone this weekend.

"“I don’t want to say I’m a different person but I have different outlooks and perspectives on things,’’ Beckham said Wednesday during an introspective session with the media.“I’ve had a lot happen and you take it and learn and grow from it.’’"

This is just the start for Ramsey, who also told reporters in his July interview he looked forward to playing against the best wide receiver on each opposing team.

It was a challenge he looked forward to.

So is Beckham. He even told the media on hand that the two players hung out together this offseason. But everything changes on Sunday.

"“I was joking with him, ‘When we play you what happens when we run this, that and the other’ and next thing I know the schedule’s out and we play them the first game,’’ Beckham said. “It’s funny how life works and how God works and how everything works, we got matched up week one.”"