Jacksonville Jaguars Fourth Preseason Game Allowed Players to Shine

LINCOLN, NE - NOVEMBER 24: Quarterback Tanner Lee
LINCOLN, NE - NOVEMBER 24: Quarterback Tanner Lee /

The Jacksonville Jaguars played the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in what many call a meaningless preseason game four of the preseason. However, it was not meaningless to everyone.

The Jacksonville Jaguars rested 34 players for this game.  One would assume that those players have already made the 2018 roster.  That leaves some available spaces on the on the final Jaguars team.

Many young players on both teams know it’s their last chance to impress the coaching staff.  Also, it was a matchup of my two favorite NFL teams.

The good news is that some of the youngsters will make the team and there are always a few surprises. A few men played well enough to have a chance to make the team roster or the practice squad.

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Let’s look at some young players that made a strong case for themselves last night.

Tanner Lee

First is Tanner Lee, quarterback.  Lee showed an entirely different persona than in game one against the New Orleans Saints.

After that game, he looked as though he had no chance to make the Jaguars or any other team ever.

Lee looked like an NFL quarterback against the Bucs.  He may have earned a spot on the practice squad. As the team’s sixth-round draft pick this season, the Jaguars saw a big kid who could develop into an NFL quarterback in the future.

Lee was not sharp early on in OTAs or minicamp but has come on in recent weeks in training camp.

Tim Cook and Brandon Wilds 

Next are Tim Cook and Brandon Wilds.  Both these young running backs showed determination and ran well.  They both exhibit the style of play the Jaguars want from their backs.

As a result, one or both could be on the Jaguars practice squad or one of them could be the fourth back on the team roster.

There is a good chance one or both could be signed by another NFL team if not signed by the Jaguars.

Allen Lazard

In addition, Allen Lazard caught two passes from Lee. Lazard has been a no-show throughout the preseason.  He is a raw talent.

However, his size alone is worth a further look and he has a chance to make the practice squad.

Quenton Meeks

Finally, Quenton Meeks has been solid throughout training camp.  His chances were enhanced by his play against the Buccaneers in preseason game four.  He had seven combined tackles, four were solo tackles.  He has no doubt earned a spot on the Jaguars roster.

The Final word

Of course, things can change in the blink of an eye.  The Jaguars brain trust works overtime to make the critical decisions about the final roster and practice squad.  The next step is to scour the cuts from other NFL teams to upgrade the roster.