Jacksonville Jaguars overcome three challenges to defeat the Cleveland Browns

CLEVELAND, OH - NOVEMBER 19: Dede Westbrook
CLEVELAND, OH - NOVEMBER 19: Dede Westbrook /

The Jacksonville Jaguars headed to Cleveland to face three opponents. The opponents were the Cleveland Browns, poor officiating, and the cold snowy weather.

The Jacksonville Jaguars started the game with some solid runs.  However the coaching staff inexplicably removed the blocking fullback and the run game went temporarily south.  The Browns were able to stop the run and the Jaguars turned to the pass with the usual inconsistent results.  Both teams had difficulty with fumbles, interceptions, and poor passes.

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As stated, the Jaguars faced three opponents.  First was the Cleveland Browns.  The Jags defense stopped the Browns cold.  As usual the defense played an incredible game.  They lived in the Browns backfield.  In addition, they stopped the Browns running backs in their tracks.  Moreover, stats indicate they are the best defense in the entire NFL.  The cold weather didn’t phase them. The D deserved the credit for this win.

The weather is often a factor in the game. Not surprisingly for Ohio at this time of year the temperature was 38 degrees and the wind was 21 miles per hour.  Warm weather teams are notorious for poor play in cold snowy weather.  Fumbles are frequent as are interceptions. Many  Jaguars team members are Floridians and are not usually used to the cold snowy conditions they faced today. They won despite this.  This is a good omen for future games.

The officials made several very poor calls.  The first bad call involved a pass to Dede Westbrook. He had both feet in bounds and didn’t bobble the ball.  Amazingly the replay officials called the pass incomplete.  The next call concerned a fumble by DeShone Kizer.  Kizer fumbled and Dante Fowler Jr. picked up the fumble and ran toward the end zone.  The officials blew their whistle and said it wasn’t a fumble.  This was overturned by replay.   Certainly Fowler deserved to run that back for a TD.  That call made the game closer than it should have been.

In summary the Jaguars played against the weather, the Cleveland Browns, and the poor officiating.  The Jags are off to the best start since 1999.  Very impressive!