Message for the Jaguars: Don’t let your guard down against the Browns!

JACKSONVILLE, FL - NOVEMBER 12: Marcell Dareus /

The Jacksonville Jaguars play the Cleveland Browns on Sunday.  Sadly, the Browns haven’t won a game this season.  The Jaguars have played many tough games against serious competition.  This game is a “given.”  However, no game is a freebie in the NFL.

The Jaguars play an inferior (in theory) opponent on Sunday.  As a result, the Jags may not take the Cleveland Browns seriously.  This, in fact, would be a huge mistake.  The mantra “on any given Sunday” is true.  All teams have top notch talent and to ignore this is a serious error.  In other words, it’s easy to feel superior and let this game slip away.

The Cleveland Browns

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Reading Browns blogs and tweets is like reading Jaguars blogs and posts the last several years. The vibe is hopelessness.  In essence, the Browns fans and sportswriters are discouraged.  The complaints about the coach and players mount up.  The team has a long term losing record and no hope in sight.

However only one team finished 0-16 since the 16 game season began.  In addition, the Browns are not awful.  They played four games with 3 point losses.  One of the games was an overtime game.  They have a losing attitude right now.  All is not lost for the Browns. For example, Detroit Lions safety Grover Quinn commented:  The Browns probably got better athletes than…25 out of 32 teams in the league.  There are many number one draft choices on the team.  The Browns are hungry for a victory.  Finally the game is a home game for the Browns.

The Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags have won their last three games in a row.  It’s been a long time coming. They get very positive press both local and national.  The players are winners.  They don’t allow a mistake or bad call defeat them.  They believe in themselves.  Certainly this is great.  But a let down or a slight lack of hustle or overconfidence could bring a defeat.  No team is immune from a let down.

In summary

I believe the Jaguars will win the game on Sunday.  To start, the Jags are the better team.  In addition, the Jaguars have better coaching.  Jags fans have every reason to look forward to a four game win streak.  This is just a warning.  GO JAGS!  FOUR IN A ROW!