Jacksonville Jaguars Running Backs Vital to Week One

FOXBORO, MA - AUGUST 10: Leonard Fournette
FOXBORO, MA - AUGUST 10: Leonard Fournette /

The Jacksonville Jaguars haven’t beaten the Houston Texans since 2013. If the Jags look to get their first win at NRG stadium the running backs are vital.

The Jaguars have invested heavily in the running back position over the last three years. A second round pick on T.J. Yeldon, bringing in free agent Chris Ivory for thirty five million, and spending the 2017 first round pick on Leonard Fournette. Now it’s time for a return on investment.

Overall running backs haven’t fared well against a dominate Houston defense. Over the past two seasons the leading Jags rusher hasn’t surpassed fifty yards. Will the offense be up to the task?

Of the Jags backs rookie Leonard Fornette might be the most promising candidate. Fornettes ability to find contact will be vitak this Sunday. A bruising downhill rushing style will help ware down the athletic Huston defensive line. If Fornette can rush for a hundred yards This weekend he will break a two year long streak.

The running backs will also vital to the game pla because they will be taking the football out of quarterback Blake Bortles hands. By eliminating passing from the play the chance for turnover also goes down. However also keep an eye for the QB read from Bortles. He has had some success in the past and it could help ear a first down or two.

Another reason the rush will be effective against the Texans is that it will take down the clock. Leaving the Texans with little time will make it tougher for a comeback.

One interesting thing to note before heading into this Sunday’s game is all three back are listed as co starters. While it’s unclear who will lead the rotation I believe the lack of identity help to keep the Texans daunting defense on their toes.

The Jaguars first game of the 2017 season is rapidly approaching. The offense will need to find consistency if the Jaguars want a chance to win. A big game on the ground will only help ensure a victory. However it plays out it will be good to see the black and teal on the field.