Jacksonville Jaguars win nail-biter against Titans


The Jacksonville Jaguars took down the Tennessee Titans on national television in a nail-biter of a game.

In a game that had potential playoff implications, the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans slogged it out in garish uniforms on national television.

Yet it wasn’t enough for Titans as the Jaguars kept climbing up the AFC South ranks.

In a game that was not particularly exciting on offense, it was logical that the spark that secured the game was a 63-yard punt return by rookie wide receiver Rashad Greene. Greene had just returned from injured reserve and his return sparked the Jags to pass the Titans 16-13 with 3:30 left in the game.

The defense stepped up immediately following the score as Davon House forced a fumble and recovered it on the Titans’ 28-yard line.

With special teams and defense stepping up for the Jaguars, it all came back to the offense to try and win the game. Unfortunately, the Jaguars couldn’t get a first down and opted to go with the field goal from 36 yards out. Jason Myers, who has had his ups and downs this season, was perfect.

He put the Jags up 19-13.

Still with plenty of time left on the clock, the Titans geared up for a game winning drive behind rookie quarterback Marcus Mariota.

With no timeouts left, it was a true chance for Mariota to show his mettle. The Jags defense had done a great job limiting the Titans through the second half, providing a key challenge for the Titans offense.

It all came down to five seconds on the Jaguars’ 23 yard line.

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As Marcus Mariota evaded the pass rushers he stepped up and was brought down from behind by Jags defensive end Andre Branch. Branch has struggled to create consistent pressure all season long, but on Thursday night he did something special.

19-13 was the final score.

That Jags rise up to 4-6 in the AFC South now and are still vying for the playoffs.