Jason Pierre-Paul: Jags Shouldn’t Pursue Concerning DE


Jason Pierre-Paul and the New York Giants are likely together for at least one more season. With it reported that the Giants still fully intend to have JPP back on the team despite a fireworks accident on July 4 that saw the defensive end opt for amputation of his right index finger, the discussion of Pierre-Paul ending up some place else is almost all academic. The Giants have franchise tag waiting for JPP to sign and the defensive end may have to if contract negotiations continue to go sour.

If I’m running the New York Giants, I would withdraw that offer and let the talented, but concerning, defensive end walk.

This isn’t some all original idea. Jason Pierre-Paul hasn’t been the most popular player with the Giants and he hasn’t been the most productive either. He’s a threat on any down, but he isn’t putting up consistent numbers that a team can rely on.

For those reasons, I would let JPP go.

If that were to happen – and I imagine it would at least by the end of next year, assuming the franchise tag isn’t rescinded – then teams like the Jacksonville Jaguars should stay away.

The Jags rightly spent the third overall pick of the 2015 NFL Draft on Florida pass rusher Dante Fowler Jr. and while he will be missing his whole rookie season with a torn ACL, he is the future as the outside pass rusher. 2015 is going to be a trying year for the other pass rushers (and the whole defense) without a consistent threat on the outside and as the JPP drama continues to melt our monitors, it may be tempting to think about making a play for a guy like Pierre-Paul who is in a sticky situation with his current team.

I’ll say it right now, that kind of move would be unwise. It would go against what general manager Dave Caldwell is trying to build in Jacksonville. It would poison a team filled with young players who are working their ways into the starting lineup with consistent improvement.

So while we may read more about Jason Pierre-Paul and the Giants in the coming days and it may be tempting to think about inserting a guy with a rather solid track record into a pass rushing position that needs a solid starter, keep your head on and dismiss it. This isn’t a situation any team comes away winning in. This is a fiasco waiting to happen and the Jaguars would be wise to stay far, far away.

Fortunately, Jason Pierre-Paul is still the New York Giants’ problem. Let’s keep it that way.

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