Allen Robinson Has Made the Most of Jaguars Offseason


Allen Robinson is a gifted athlete and like many such NFL players has really stood out so far this offseason. While we shouldn’t be blinded by that when selecting our fantasy football teams, it is important to note that Robinson has risen above the fray so far this offseason.

While there has undoubtedly been progress for most everyone on the Jacksonville Jaguars roster, Robinson has received far more attention in recent weeks (especially the last couple) and has reportedly taken strides while the others may be taking steps (hopefully not baby steps). This is a good thing both for Robinson, but also for quarterback Blake Bortles. Bortles already developed a strong rapport with Robinson during last season before A-Rob went down with injury, and that pairing could become deadly if everything we’re hearing from Jacksonville is true.

Allen Robinson’s progress is noted by the media and by the Jags coaching staff. On such a young team, players with exceptional ability are to be relied upon. Head coach Gus Bradley has already called on Robinson publicly “to play angry where he’s competing to get the ball, competing in all his routes” which was something he did decently well in his rookie season and could improve on this year. Further, the head coach says the JAgs “want to be able to throw it up to him and I know he’s going to come down with the ball. When you do that in training camp (and) we’ve got the pads on, you want to see that part of him.” As the Jaguars’ most reliable receiver last season, that shouldn’t be too hard for Robinson.

The offseason is a time for players like Robinson to get ahead of the pack. The Jags have a young cohort of talented receivers and Allen Hurns, Marqise Lee, and Allen Robinson were the three leaders. After OTAs and the minicamp, Robinson is considered ahead of his peers. If he can continue to work out and progress before training camp and then prove that the earlier offseason wasn’t a fluke and he’s the real deal, then Robinson will have done a good job of making the most of an offseason that saw him enter as one of many and emerge as the top dog.

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