First Round Pick Dante Fowler Jr. Injured at Jaguars Rookie Minicamp


Dante Fowler’s knee buckled and we all held our breath as we watched a fan-shot video of the 2015 first round draft pick fall to the ground.

Here’s the tweet with the video:

Fowler is expected to come into Jacksonville and become a major pass rushing force for the Jaguars. Instead, we may see him on the sidelines.

The team’s official website is cautiously wording it as “what appeared to be an injury to his left knee” midway through the Jaguars rookie minicamp that began today. Head coach Gus Bradley has said that he and the team will know more tonight on the status of Fowler’s knee. Fans hope that it is nothing more than a sprain, but preparing that he may be missing for at least the start of the season is probably wise.

"It’s just hard for me to speculate. Any time a guy gets injured it’s not a pleasant thing. It’s not a good thing whatever the injury is. It can set him back a couple of days, a week, or whatever. Whatever it is we’ll deal with it and keep going.” – Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley"

If Fowler finds himself out for significant time (due to an ACL or MCL tear), it would be a severe blow to the Jaguars. The Jags saw 2013 first round pick Luke Joeckel end his rookie campaign after just five weeks due to injury and losing another first rounder before the season even starts would be tough. Football has injuries all the time, but for a team short on top level talent like the Jaguars, losing a premier, upcoming player is incredibly tough.

Hopefully the news tonight will be positive.

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