2015 NFL Draft: Jaguars Have 6 Picks Left


The first day of the 2015 NFL Draft came and went with only a couple minor trades. The Jacksonville Jaguars were rumored to be interested in trading back into the end of the first round, but didn’t manage to make a deal or opted to not pursue that option. Instead, they sat at third overall and drafted the guy they wanted in Dante Fowler Jr. and decided to sit until the top of the second round for their next selection.

That next selection will be number two of seven for the Jaguars, who have six picks left in the 2015 NFL Draft. They have seven total picks this year with one in each round. Here are the remaining picks for the Jaguars with rounds two and three in bold. Round two will begin at 7:00pm EST tonight.

Round 2, Pick 36 (fourth in the round)

Round 3, Pick 67 (third in the round)

Round 4, Pick 103 (fourth in the round)

Round 5, Pick 139 (third in the round)

Round 6, Pick 180 (fourth in the round)

Round 7, Pick 220 (third in the round)

Picks four through seven will be announced and air the following day, wrapping up the three day process that is the NFL Draft.

These selections could change in tonight as the Jacksonville Jaguars seek to outmaneuver their opposition in the search for the best players available. With the third or fourth selection in each round, the Jaguars should be in prime position to pick pretty much whomever they want. The top of the second round in particular holds a lot of first round talent that may have slid due to off field concerns or simply because other teams reached for need. You can always check in on Mike Mayock’s best available list to see which players exactly are available and whether they could go in the second or third rounds. You can also check back here at B&T.

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