2015 Indianpolis Colts Schedule is Easiest in AFC South


The 2015 Indianapolis Colts schedule looks to be the easiest in the AFC South. With the second lowest strength of schedule in the NFL, the 2015 Indianapolis Colts schedule looks just slightly easier than fellow second-easiest schedule holder, the Houston Texans.

The Colts and the Texans both have the benefit of facing the beleaguered Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans twice in the AFC South. As a big fan of the Jaguars, it is a tad depressing to see the Colts with such an easy schedule in their quest to cruise to yet another AFC South title. The Indianapolis Colts haven’t missed a beat transitioning from Peyton Manning to Andrew Luck and continue to reign supreme.

Playing against the NFC South (the worst division in football) also doesn’t help things, allowing the Colts to march against four weak teams (won by a sub .500 team last season).

So, why does the 2015 Indianapolis Colts schedule get the edge over the 2015 Houston Texans schedule?

Aside from having Andrew Luck at quarterback, the Indianapolis Colts are primed for nice run to start the season. They have a winnable game against the Buffalo Bills to start and follow that up with games against the New York Jets, Tennessee Titans, and the Jacksonville Jaguars. If they aren’t 4-0 when they take on the Houston Texans in week five, it would be a bit of a surprised. At a minimum, the Colts are looking at a 3-1 start to the season.

Starting out on the right foot will be key as they try and fend off the Houston Texans for another division crown.

By comparison, the Texans start the season off against a tough Kansas City Chiefs team and a possible trap game against the more-talented-than-you-think Carolina Panthers. In fact, the 2015 Houston Texans schedule doesn’t have a big streak of easy games in it. Their weaker opponents are sandwiched between games against quality teams like the New Orleans Saints and New England Patriots or the intimidating Indianapolis Colts.

While it’s early, the 2015 Indianapolis Colts schedule sets them up well for another run at the AFC South title.

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