Jacksonville Jaguars Interested in Bryan Bulaga


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With the free agent market thinning before the window even opens next Tuesday, the Jacksonville Jaguars are crossing their fingers and hoping a handful of big names remain available going into next week. With the Green Bay Packers set to re-sign wide receiver

Randall Cobb

, it seems likely that they will let veteran offensive tackle

Bryan Bulaga

sign with another team. One of the team’s

reportedly interested in Bulaga

is the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Bulaga is the top offensive lineman on the market, and most teams are probably slotting him in as a right tackle. The Jaguars certainly are, as their most deficient position last year – by a pretty significant margin – was the right tackle spot.

If the Jaguars do miss out on Bulaga, the market is pretty thin for starting caliber offensive tackles. Probably the only other player worth signing for a considerable deal is Dallas Cowboys offensive tackle Jermey Parnell. The Jaguars could look at adding another swing player like Stefan Wisniewski from the Raiders, but he’s almost strictly an interior offensive lineman.

The Jaguars have the money to go after Bulaga, and they absolutely should make a run at him. He’s likely going to be one of the first players signed on Tuesday, so the Jaguars better have a nice offer on the table if they want to secure him.