Is Gus Bradley on the Hot Seat in 2015?


Gus Bradley’s tenure with the Jacksonville Jaguars is a good thing. I’m convinced that it is.

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After going 4-12 and 3-13, however, a lot of people will start to look at the head coach as a cause for the lack of development.

If the Jaguars start out poorly again under Gus Bradley then you can definitely start to see that seat heat up.

Personally, I would hate to see the Jags run him out of town earlier than needed (what are we, the Raiders?) but it’s clear that the rebuilding process needs to start setting some benchmarks. As much as I love to think that “just keep getting better” is a great way to approach it, that doesn’t yield results in what is ultimately a business.

We, the fans, knew this would be a long rebuild. We knew GM Dave Caldwell was brought in to cut away the cancer that was eating away at the roster and to complete rehab the franchise. We knew that Gus Bradley’s job was tougher than 31 other head coaches’ jobs.

So, where are Caldwell’s and owner Shad Khan’s minds on Bradley entering year three?

Is this another year where simply getting “better” (however that is defined, because this year certainly didn’t feel any better) will be alright? Or are we looking at a need to finish above the Tennessee Titans again (which appears possible, considering how terrible they are)? What about win totals?

The Florida Times-Union couldn’t get a hard number from Khan when they spoke to him, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Fact is, the Jaguars are at a stage in the rebuild where it’s time to start getting results. With nearly $60 million in cap space to spend this year, expect the Jaguars to gear up to be more competitive each and every Sunday. Expect them to win some more games.

Sure, free agents don’t make a team successful (unless your name is Brett Favre or Peyton Manning) but the Jaguars need to bring in some stalwart, known commodities now that they are discovering what their first two draft classes are capable of.

Whatever Caldwell can bring in for the Jaguars, it will be up to Gus Bradley to make something happen. It’s feasible that 2015 will be the best Jaguars roster in the past four to five years, even with a host of young players. If the rebuild doesn’t progress, you’ve got think that Khan and Caldwell will start to crank up the heat. It all depends a bit on just how well stocked the roster can get in free agency, though.

For now, it’s a situation worth monitoring.