Chad Henne Last In QB Power Rankings


QB Power Rankings are nice twist on the usual team based, subjective ranking that comes out weekly across multiple media outlets. Chad Henne, however, must be rather displeased with the way things are shaking out for him as the quarterback of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Over at NFL Spin Zone he was just ranked dead last as a starting QB.

Here’s what writer Rishi Pochiraju had to say:

"Last week I ranked Shaun Hill as the worst starting quarterback, and my description about his performance was one comment: “Is Kirk Cousins on the trading block?” For Washington fans, thank goodness he’s not. Anyway, Cousins’ counterpart, Chad Henne, got sacked 10 times and was beat up by Washington’s defense. He was generally inaccurate for the whole game and couldn’t avoid the rush – his offensive line was subpar, but some sacks resulted from Henne simply holding the ball for too long. I don’t think it will be long before Blake Bortles is promoted from his clipboard-holding duties."

Pochiraju rightly pins some of the sacks on Henne. He’s holding onto the ball far too long and he isn’t making the right decisions with the ball when he does release it.

Henne has already said that he needs to step up and be an effective quarterback. He knows that his job is in jeopardy if he doesn’t start delivering some wins. 2014 has gotten off to a rough start after he came in and showed that the offense may not be completely outmatched in 2013. So far it looks like that may have been a fluke.

Will we see rookie Blake Bortles come in on Sunday? I doubt it, no matter how bad the Indianapolis Colts/Jacksonville Jaguars may get. Chad Henne will get a full 60 minutes to show why he deserves to be under center. Unfortunately for him, he’s working against a body of evidence that says he doesn’t deserve to be starting.