Chad Henne to Start Week 3 Against the Indianapolis Colts


The Jacksonville Jaguars had arguably their worst performance over the past several years last week as they got dismantled by the Washington Redskins 41-10. While there were plenty of problems on both sides of the ball, the focus has narrowed on to veteran quarterback Chad Henne. The fanbase, understandably, has had enough of Chad Henne and is clamoring for rookie quarterback Blake Bortles to be released from his unjustified imprisonment.

When asked about his starting quarterback, head coach Gus Bradley reiterated his support, and said Henne will start week 3 against the Indianapolis Colts.

I understand coach speak, but it’s borderline insulting to come out and say Chad Henne played well. The team lost 41-10 – nobody played well.

The other perplexing comment is that the team apparently hasn’t discussed a personnel change at quarterback. No one in that room has suggested starting Blake Bortles after his outstanding preseason?

I’m not going to lose all hope in Blake Bortles starting in week 3, but it unfortunately looks like we are going to have to suffer through at least one more week of this offense sputtering to multiple 3-and-outs behind Chad Henne. Again, Chad Henne is not the only problem. The offensive line has played poorly, the pass rush has been non-existent for 6 quarters, and the safeties have been a huge liability since Johnathan Cyprien’s injury. But the quarterback position is a problem regardless of what is going on with the rest of the roster, and the solution is on the bench.