Where Do the Jacksonville Jaguars Rank in Terms of All-Time Greatness?


The Jacksonville Jaguars are relatively young in the grand scheme of the NFL and humanity in general, so it seems forced to talk about them in terms of all-time greatness. Teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers and Chicago Bears have been playing football since the 1920s and 1930s, while the Jaguars barely eked into the 20th century with their inaugural season in 1995.

Still, if you’re going to force the issue, you can’t talk about the Jaguars and greatness without mentioning their improbable playoff run in 1996 and the consequent years of success.

That’s exactly what Daniel D. Zillmer did over at NFL Spin Zone when he ranked all 32 NFL teams in terms of “All-Time Greatness.” Justifiably, he has the Jacksonville Jaguars at 31, in front of only the Houston Texans.

"31. Jacksonville Jaguars: 36 PointsEstablished 1995 – The Jaguars haven’t seen much high-end success since joining the NFL but they have seen six postseasons thanks mostly to their squad of the late 1990s. Twice they’ve been within a game of the Super Bowl, but they have some work to do if they want to climb this list anytime soon. All of their hope rests in the right arm of Blake Bortles now. They’ve yet to send a player to the Hall of Fame.Icons: Mark Brunell, Jimmy Smith, Fred Taylor, Maurice Jones-Drew"

The Jaguars have been in the league for almost 2 decades now, and they don’t have much to show for it other than 2 AFC championship appearances. Their franchise contemporary – the Carolina Panthers – have the same resume but with an added Super Bowl appearance. The Jaguars need sustained playoff success in order to climb up rankings of this ilk, and it’s something that hopefully general manager David Caldwell is building towards.

The only beef I have is the oversight of Tony Boselli as an “icon,” considering he’s arguably the best player in franchise history.

– Daniel Lago