Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 Training Camp: Day 11 Twitter Recap


As we inch closer to the first preseason game on Friday, the Jacksonville Jaguars are having to deal with a slew of minor injuries that are keeping players from practicing. The starters we see on Friday will likely not look much like what we will see week 1 of the regular season.

Here are some of the notes on Twitter from day 11 of training camp:

Jerry Sullivan had some things to say about the receivers, praising a few guys but also being critical of the amount of drops so far in camp.

I’m a big fan of Mike Brown, and I think he’s becoming a sure thing to make the final 53-man roster.

The players were in shorts and helmets on Wednesday, and handful of players were off due to various reasons.

On to practice, Chad Henne is still apparently going to have designed runs…

The Jaguars twitter handle continues to produce some cool vines from practice…

And the team got into a few more scuffles today.

We got more information after practice as opposed to during, including praise for Bortles and his progress so far.

And as if the Jaguars needed another receiver down, Mike Brown apparently injured his hamstring, and the team started working out some street guys.

– Daniel Lago