FanSided Debate: All-AFC South Wide Receivers


As posted earlier, NFL team editors around the FanSided network are getting together and compiling All-Division teams for an epic 32 team tournament to decide the most talented division in the NFL. Regarded by some as one of the worst divisions in all of football, the AFC South has some work to do to put together a team that can go far in the bracket.

We’ve already locked in on a quarterback, tight end, and running back, so we turn our attention to wide receiver.

In the current era of the NFL, the passing game is undoubtedly the primary component of the offense, therefore we’ve decided to forgo a fullback and instead take 3 wide receivers on our starting 11.

Two wide receivers were unanimous choices from all 4 of the FanSided AFC South editors – Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne and Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson. All of us agreed that these two players are far and away the most proven pass catchers in the division, and by default should be on the list heading into 2014.

Having a 3rd spot for wide receiver is where things got interesting. Two receivers were prime candidates – Kendall Wright of the Tennessee Titans and Cecil Shorts III of your Jacksonville Jaguars. In the end, we decided to go with Wright since he’s been able to stay on the field.

It’s interesting to note that the two unanimous choices – Wayne and Johnson – are almost certainly not going to be the top candidates for the all-division team next year. Coming off of an injury in such a late part of his career, chances are Wayne won’t ever return to his form from a few years ago, and he’s going to have to fend off a handful of young guys in Indianapolis for targets. Andre Johnson has publicly declared his displeasure with the direction of the franchise, and he’s already shown some signs of aging. With guys like Kendall Wright, Cecil Shorts III, Justin Hunter, and DeAndre Hopkins all looking like they could develop into top flight options at wide receiver, we should be seeing a changing of the guard at that position group over the next year or two.

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– Daniel Lago