Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 Draft Class In GIF Form!


John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

By now, we are all aware of which players the Jacksonville Jaguars draft class is composed of. I though it might be fun to list all the draftees here in a fun way: GIF form! For those who don’t know, a GIF is a type of file that repeatedly plays a video sample. Below you will find a GIF for each of the nine draft selections, as well as an explanation for each one. NOTE: You MUST leave your cursor over the image window for the video to continue playing. Enjoy!

Blake Bortles

I decided to use a Bortles run instead of pass, mainly because this was one of my favorite plays of his. Bortles is running read-option, and he fakes the pitch to the back, which the defender totally bites on. This springs Bortles for a nice gain.

Marqise Lee

Lee starts off running a nice route to get open and make the catch, but then jukes the defender to get into the open field. You’re not catching him after that.

Allen Robinson

Robinson starts off catching a simple quick pass, but then reverses field and quickly has the whole Ohio State defense chasing after him. He then uses great vision and burst to find an open running lane and take it to the house.

Brandon Linder

Linder gets great push off the snap and is able to drive his man(#97) upfield and out of the running lane. Too bad the runner got hit in the backfield, but on a positive note Linder shows a little nastiness at the tail end of the play. Always good to see from one of your big guys up front.

Aaron Colvin

Colvin explodes off the snap and flies right past the running back to bring the quarterback down. Great explosion, great speed.

Telvin Smith

The quarterback, for whatever reason, points to exactly where he’s going to throw it. Telvin says ”thank you very much”, turns on the jets, and he’s gone.

Chris Smith

Smith gets EXCELLENT burst off the snap here, and blows right past the tackle to bring the quarterback down hard.

Luke Bowanko

If you search for video on Bowanko, this might be the only thing you find. It’s not exactly pretty. I’m not sure if he got his foot stepped on, or if he just slipped on an invisible banana peel. Hopefully, we won’t be seeing this on Sundays.

Storm Johnson

Johnson starts off helping out the right tackle by getting a great chip on the defensive end. Bortles then hits him with a pass, and he makes a move on the first defender, splits two others, and hits the boost button. He finishes the run with a nice spin move to avoid the tackle, and gains a few extra yards.