Jaguars’ Fan Post Super Bowl Thoughts


Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

OK…The game is over. Denver fans would say “Thank God!!” I am shocked because I really was expecting a close game. The least of which I was expecting a Bronco’s victory. That was truly an amazing defensive performance by the Seahawks. Here are some things I took from the game…Jaguars related and others.

  • If the Seahawks performance is any indication of what we should expect in Jacksonville, then I am SUPER excited to see the continuation of the rebuilding of our team. I’m sure Coach Carroll’s fingerprints are all over every aspect of the team, but it sure is nice to know we have as our coach the guy who helped put that defense together in Seattle.
  • Have you ever seen one game effect a player’s legacy as much as this one did for Peyton Manning? If he had won the game, he would have probably been talked about in the top QB’s of all time. But now, all I’ve heard this morning is he is a choke artist. A player who “turtles” when a big game comes along. He is just a regular season QB who lucked out when he won his only big game. That’s too bad because I really like the guy. I fear the history books will one day give more credit to the whiny-faced Eli since he won two Super Bowls.
  • Maybe I was distracted, but I didn’t hear any of the former Jag’s names called once during the game. I was led to believe by the press that Terrence Knightly would be cementing his Hall of Fame career in this game. Not quite. Jeremy Mincey didn’t even seem to get on the field he was so non-existent. Guess we didn’t cut bait too soon.
  • Shahid Khan, in New York for the game, says the key to the draft is QB. He wouldn’t even be surprised if we took two in the draft. I hope he was just trying to convince other teams interested in Clowney that they wouldn’t need to trade up. Though I LOVE the concept of taking 2 QB’s, only if one is a definite starter and the other is a bargain we can’t pass up. We have so many holes to fill but I will admit it would be nice to have another talented guy to trade in the future for whatever the market bears.
  • The St. Louis Rams might move to Los Angeles…Where they originally came from. Because of attendance issues. Wow. Many people may not remember but in 1994, when the owners were deciding the expansion cities, they had nailed down Carolina as one of the teams. The second one came down between Jacksonville and St. Louis. The league wanted St. Louis but they couldn’t get their financial picture together so they HAD to go with jacksonville. St. Louis eventually got their finances in order and paid the Rams to relocate from LA. Now they are aching to go back. I guess Jacksonville was the right decision after all.

With the Super Bowl completed, this closes the 2013 season. Will it be looked back upon as the beginning of the jaguars rebirth or the continuation of futility. Let’s hope by next year, we are looking the way Seattle looked a couple of years ago when the turnaround was becoming evident.