A Jacksonville Jaguar Fan’s Christmas Wish List


Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

As we all prepare for tomorrow and all that comes with it, I’m going to be a little selfish. I like to think of myself as a Jaguars Super fan. I live and die by the Jags so intensely that my significant other tends to make decisions for our Sunday based on how the Jags are playing. Nothing ruins a good dinner more than Daddy frowning all night, yelling at anyone that slightly bugs him, and might even kick the dog! Because of this, I have compiled a list of things I would love for the Jags to do. Some are related to the final game of the season. Some are more long term. Some are completely unrealistic…but hey…IT’S MY LIST!!!

In no particular order:

I want a hard fought and incredibly competitive LOSS this weekend. I want at least the third pick in the draft. Though it would be cool to hurt the Indianapolis Colts’ playoff positioning.

I would love the Jags to consider playing Ricky Stanzi for the last game of the season. We know what we have in Chad Henne and there will need to be decisions made on him in the off-season. The Jags obviously felt good enough about this guy to possibly allow Matt Scott to be claimed off our practice squad. Let’s see what he can do before the season is over.

I want Jimmy Smith to be in the Ring of Honor. I know the off-field issues are large and mostly still fresh. But there is no denying that Jimmy Smith was one of the NFL’s elite WRs for quite a few years and easily the greatest in Jags History. Give the man his due. I promise the naysayer’s boos will not be heard over the love.

Treat Sunday’s game like a fourth preseason game. Let the starters play a few drives then give way to the reserves. Let’s see if there is any passion in these back-ups that will earn them consideration in next year’s plans.

If the Jags finish with the 3rd pick in next year’s draft, don’t lock in on one guy. Be open to trading down. If there really isn’t a QB you feel jazzed about and Clowney is off the board, TRADE DOWN. There has been a reluctance to trade down since Coach Coughlin left. It is a great tool for a team that needs bodies, and lots of them.

Speaking of Clowney, PLEASE do your due diligence in the interview process with this kid. I will agree there has been times that he has looked awesome and unstoppable. I also can’t blame him for protecting himself this year to protect his pro prospects. I also have seen him take plays, series, and entire games off. Even before this year. I also saw him this year throw his team, teammates, and coach under the bus. Let’s make sure we’d be getting a Julius Peppers…Not an Albert Haynesworth.

Finally, I wish for a safe and happy holidays for everyone. Jags fan or not. I hope the Jags get through Sunday without any injury or incident. Finally I wish that everyone who reads this article will continue to invest time in my manifestos in the offseason. I will try to keep them entertaining and hopefully I will get better.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas….Michael McDonald

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