Jags-Bills : First Half analysis


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The Jaguars go into halftime trailing the Bills 20-10 . Some comments from the first half…

1) The game went from wet and overcast to sunny. The field though hasn’t had time to dry so conditions are slick.

2) This game is a prime example of why the Jags need a franchise QB. Even with MJD out of the game, replaced with journeyman Jordan Todman & rookie Denard Robinson, the Bills are stacking seven in the box because they don’t fear Henne.

3) Frustrating first offensive possession of the game with Henne finding “absentee” TE Lewis for 25 yards, then follows up with an INT returned to Jags territory.

4)Players earning positions on the 2014 Jags: Andre Branch, Sen’derrick Marks, & Clay Harbor

5) Bad call by officials on the catch then fumble by Mike Brown…wasn’t a catch to begin with.

6) Getting a little tired of Jags missing tackles. Wrap him up, boys!!!

7) Honestly…As sloppy as the Jags are playing they should be down more.

Positives of the game:

Early on the game, the defense did great to hold Buffalo to two FG attempts. One was missed.

The Jags have taken my advice and have put Ace Sanders in multiple looks to get him more active. Nice catch & TD run!!

The no-huddle, when they are getting positive gains, is really working by preventing Bill’s defensive substitutions.

Nice to see Denard Robinson in the game. Our “Offensive Weapon” has been a blank most of the season. Lets see more so we know what to do with him next year.

Wow… Marcedes Lewis does still have the ability to do more than block.

Though the early weather has caused some empty seats, the crowd that’s there is rambunctious and supportive. STAND UNITED Jags fans!!!

Negatives of the game:

Turnovers, turnovers, turnovers…STOP IT!!!! We are not good enough to recover from multiple turnovers.

One of the turnover reasons…Henne is under constant pressure. Come on line. I know we’re depleted, especially after losing Brewster in the first quarter, but you are still receiving NFL paychecks. Play like professionals.

Henne is not helping matters. It appears he does not that vision other QB’s have to sense where the pressure is coming from.  He seems to run INTO sacks sometimes.

What needs to happen in the second half:

Contain Manuel’s running. He’s the Bills runner thats most consistent.

Don’t change up the offense much except maybe run a little more, Todman has earned the trust.

A few long drives that gets the defense some rest.


Commentary by Michael McDonald

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