NFL RedZone in Everbank


May 13, 2013; Jacksonville, FL, USA; A general view of the jaguar statue outside EverBank Field after organized team activities nearby at The Florida Blue Health

News recently surfaced that the Jacksonville Jaguars are considering dedicating a portion of the new video boards for the NFL RedZone channel. A “Google News” search of “Jaguars RedZone” showers one with a plethora of uncreative jokes about fans in the stadium not having to watch the Jaguars and backwards reasoning for why having access to games occurring simultaneously is “misguided.”

I’m not going to link the articles because they don’t deserve the page views, but one writer ponders “Why would fans pay for things already available from the comforts of their own home?” The writer here clearly doesn’t understand the premise with which the owners are trying to enhance the in-game experience. The point isn’t to completely replicate the at-home experience, it’s to pair what fans can only get at the stadium (authentic in-game excitement) with the luxuries fans have become used to while watching the game in the comfort of their home.

In addition to RedZone, the Jaguars are increasing the strength and coverage of in-stadium wireless connectivity. Stadiums generally have poor cell phone reception hindering several fans from checking fantasy scores and scores of other games on the fly.

Any fan with season tickets, or even one who has only been to a few games, will explain the feeling you get being at the game can’t be matched by the most robust home theater system. Yes, the food and beer are cheaper at home, parking isn’t an issue at home, and there are no lines to go to the bathroom. But the video below illustrates one of the many times people who attended a game didn’t regret it.

– Daniel Lago

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