NFL 2013 Schedule Release Delayed, Not April 16th


Chris Berman wants some schedules to talk about.  Source: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Schedule release is a mini-holiday for those of us that live and breathe football through the year.  It’s a time where we can take our Blaine Gabbert’s (now with another year of development under his belt!) and match him up against Aaron Rodgers and pretend that the Jacksonville Jaguars have a chance.  It’s the time of year when our 0-0 team has every chance to make the playoffs if all the other 0-0 teams manage to collapse at just the right times in order for the deficiencies on our roster to be overlooked.  Knowing the schedule really bring out the hopes and dreams of every NFL fan.

But it’s not coming tomorrow, as stated by NFL Spokesman Greg Aiello when talking to Pro Football Talk.  It was initially reported that the schedule would be out on a live special on the NFL Network on April 16th.  Now we’re looking at maybe another few weeks until it’s all sorted.

The NFL is a beast of an organization to manage and strength of schedule is a difficult thing to assess when new talent is brought in by every team and old talent changes hands and the head coaches all bring new ideas each year.  It’s a job I would approach with anxiety and delicacy. It’s a job I wouldn’t want to have.  Thankfully, the task falls to Howard Katz, VP of broadcasting and media operations.  He and his staff have their work cut out for him.

“It will not be tomorrow, but it will be in the next week or two,” said Aiello.  Personally, take the extra two weeks, it’s a tough job and the people behind it deserve all the time in the world to not mess this up.

For now I’ll sit back and think about how many times AFC South opponents can beat down the decrepit Jags offensive line and hope that Cameron Bradfield suddenly becomes a competent right tackle and Blaine Gabbert really can hang with the best of them.

– Luke N. Sims

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