What I think it means…QB Blaine Gabbert


David Caldwell’s position on Blaine Gabbert

I read all kinds of things about mind games being played. They have to say that so they don’t upset Blaine. They are playing with the minds of other GM’s in the draft. If the Jacksonville Jaguars don’t want Geno Smith, here is your chance to move up and grab him goes the thinking. My take is entirely different and based on the belief David Caldwell is telling the truth. I think David Caldwell likes Blaine Gabbert.

My guess is they scouted him in college and in preparation for the draft as part of the due diligence process. What they saw back then gave them a bit of respect for his ability. David Caldwell then went to the tape of Jaguar games and saw enough to convince him there was something to work with. What he and Gus Bradley saw was a team that had opportunities to improve on offense with Blaine Gabbert at the helm. In short they have been telling us they don’t see the same bust of a draft choice as others see. Did David Caldwell give Tim Tebow a vote of confidence? No he did not. So when he gives a slight nod to Blaine Gabbert, I think he means it.

Imagine this scenario: a decent offensive line, one that can block. Imagine a healthy Maurice Jones-Drew. Imagine a set of receivers that are getting better and better. Imagine an offense that uses Marcedes Lewis better. In short, imagine the entire offensive unit operating at a decent level of performance. Do you see Blaine Gabbert as the reason for failure? I am not sure I do. Do I see a Blaine Gabbert that can carry the team on his shoulders? Not yet I don’t. So can the Jaguars win with Blaine Gabbert? I believe they can and I guess David Caldwell and Gus Bradley do too.

– Terry O’Brien