Matt Scott: Future Jaguar?


Source: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

With Draft Day rapidly approaching and the number of holes in the Jaguars starting lineup increasing, the different directions that Dave Caldwell can go seem endless. One of this year’s prospects that has caught my eye of late is quarterback Matt Scott of Arizona.

The hype that has developed around Scott has only increased since the NFL Combine. In addition, the Jaguars new QB coach Frank Scelfo, coached Scott in Arizona. Now, I’m not one to say just because there is a connection between Scott and Scelfo means that they are destined to be united again in the NFL, but it CAN be a factor come April for Caldwell and Company.

Now, I have watched some tape on Scott just to see what the hype was all about, and at first I was less than impressed. Watching the beginning of the Arizona vs. USC game, Scott did not go through his reads, he set his sights on one receiver and went with it, his throws lacked zip and seemed to float wherever they were thrown. However, as the game went on Scott seemed to settle in.

Down 28-13 in the in the 3rd quarter, Scott helped pull a come from behind victory, scoring 26 unanswered points. Scott hurt USC through the air and with his feet off the read. Scott finished the game with 369 yards for 3 TDS and one INT, as well as 15 runs for 100 yards and one TD on the ground. Scott was able to overcome a receiving corp that preferred to drop balls instead of catching them. The lone INT was the case of a perfectly timed tip and catch by the defenders.

Scott finished the 2012 season with 3,620 yards for 27 TDs and 14 INTS, as well as amassing 506 yards and 6 TDS with his feet.

Scott is still a raw prospect, but considering the lack of top tier QB talent in the draft and in FA, as well as the fact that the Jaguars will be a work in progress, I think there is the time to develop him.

Scott should go in the 4th round, however, considering the talent distribution in this draft he could go anywhere from the 2nd to 4th rounds.

-Kyle Messina