Greg Jones: Most Overvalued Fullback 2012


July 27, 2012; Jacksonville FL, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars fullback Greg Jones (33) stretches during the first day of training camp practice at Florida Blue Health

Fullback is a position that is rapidly fading from the NFL.  Big, bruising, lead blocker type backs are no longer needed by teams that aim to pass the ball more or seek a dual threat in a tight end that can act as a lead blocker.  While some teams move away from the fullback position entirely, the Jacksonville Jaguars have said that they will use a fullback as they overhaul the team.  Greg Jones is arguably the best fullback in the business and has been with the Jags since he was drafted in the second round of the 2004 draft.  The team is in negotiations to bring him back but he is set to hit free agency on Monday, the 12th.

Jones will likely command a large salary in free agency.  The Jags have kept him on from a half/fullback hybrid type player to more of a lead blocker fullback following a number of injuries in his career. Now, with the opportunity to leave the team, he will likely find a team willing to pay him more.  Pro Football Focus has him ranked as their top available fullback but also as the most overvalued based on Performance Based Value.  Here is what they have to say:

"A number of factors have led Jones to be the most overvalued fullback of 2012. The first is that he was at the end of a five-year contract, so his cap hit was higher than any previous year with Jacksonville. The second is that he played in just 246 snaps, which was just the 20th most for fullbacks. Any time they tried to give Jones the ball it didn’t work out well, as he had two dropped passes, and 60% of his carries went for 1 yard or less."

Jones is decidedly not the ball carrier he used to be, but he is an excellent blocker.  He graded out as the third best blocking fullback per PFF in 2012 and could likely do even better with a stronger offensive line in front of him.  Despite injuries and losing a step due to age, Jones still moves pretty well and is a monster in the weight room.  He can light up players and provides a strong presence when breaking through the hole, or creating it, for the ball carrier.

– Luke N. Sims

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