NFL Franchise Tag: Who Was Tagged? What Does it Mean For The Jaguars?


The franchise tag deadline was yesterday and only eight teams decided to use it on players.  This compares to 21 teams last season, including the Jacksonville Jaguars using the tag on kicker Josh Scobee.  Now, with only eight teams making the tough decision to overpay one player for a year, there are going to be some pretty good choices for other teams set to hit free agency.  Whether it’s Jared Cook or Greg Jennings, there is now a new piece of meat that some teams are drooling over.

Here’s who was tagged:




Henry Melton, DT


Michael Johnson, DE 


Jairus Byrd, S


Ryan Clady, OT


Branden Albert, OT


Pat McAfee, P


Anthony Spencer, OLB


Randy Starks, DT

Perhaps the most important exclusion from this list is the Tennessee Titans’ Cook.  Cook is a gifted tight end who could make the Jags’ lives Hell if he was used properly in Tennessee.  Fortunately the Titans seemed inept and did not manage to take advantage of Cook’s strengths during his time with the team.  Now, set to hit free agency, Cook will have a large market waiting for him.

The Jags had decided well before the franchise tag deadline to forego the tag this season.  As candidates like Derek Cox and Daryl Smith will now be eligible for free agency and could leave the team if the Jags can’t find a way to re-sign them at a reasonable price.

– Luke N. Sims

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