What’s Next: Trading Pick Number 2


Apparently there isn’t much interest in trading pick #2 in this year’s NFL Draft.  That’s fine, the Jags’ pick #33 apparently has a ton of value.  The problem with trading the #2 pick is that there doesn’t appear to be anybody of definitive value at that point in the draft.  Most players are not head and shoulders above the rest and there are quality substitutes available a few picks later.

Even a quality left tackle like Luke Joeckel has a good substitute like Eric Fisher later in the first round.  With the potential fall of defensive tackle Star Lotulelei due to a heart condition, players like Sheldon Richardson and Sharrif Floyd are able to step up into the void.  Teams have a multitude of options at a number of positions.  Even quarterback, usually with at least one intriguing talent, seems like a wash.

Will someone fall in love enough with a player like LT Luke Joeckel to warrant a trade up?  Source:  US-Presswire

The Jags may have to convince another team that the player they want just a few picks ahead of them could be the player the Jags feel like taking.  This may be most advantageous with other early first round pick holders like the Oakland Raiders or Philadelphia Eagles.  There are no guarantees that either team falls in love with a player at the draft, but if the Jags want to pick, say Joeckel, it may be too much of a reach for the Eagles to grab Fisher at number four even though they still really want a left tackle.

The problem with this scenario is that it relies on either knowing what the other team wants or the other team becoming desperate enough to want to trade.  It would be delightful if GM Dave Caldwell could read the minds of the other teams’ GMs and determine what they planned to do, but until then a lot of the players are pretty equally valued.  Even if a team were to “reach”8-15 picks for the next best player at a position of need, it would be excusable in such a deep draft.

As has been said before, the Jags are in a rough spot with the #2 selection.  It may be better to be sitting pretty with a pick between #8-20.  The problem is how to get there.  The Jags are unlikely to package picks and jump back into the first round, so into the mid range of picks is reliant upon shopping the second overall selection.  Right now, it looks to be about as successful as the New York Jets shopping Darrelle Revis.

With the Alex Smith trade to Kansas City, other teams may be more interested in jumping the Jaguars to make sure they land their guy at #1.

– Luke N. Sims

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