5 Underclassmen I’d Love to See the Jaguars Draft


I watched a lot of the College Bowl games and every now and then someone caught my eye. These are 5 underclassmen that I saw that might have a good career. These are not the top 5 guys nor are they guys the Jaguars should pick at #2 in the draft.  These are just guys that impressed me that were not seniors.

DeAndre Hopkins – WR Clemson.

Who thought Clemson would beat LSU? I didn’t. Even when Clemson was trouncing them in the game, the score was tight. It was a miracle victory for Clemson and DeAndre Hopkins was the miracle man of the game. Will he translate to the NFL? I don’t know, but I’d love to see more of him playing like that!

Luke Joeckel – OT Texas A&M

Johnny Football was very good, he really was.  I noticed Texas A&M when they gave Florida all they wanted early in the season. The offense of the Aggies was powered first and foremost by the incredible offensive line they had. With Luke on one side and Jake Matthews on the other, they could do what they wanted on offense.  If you think Barkevious Mingo is all that great, Texas A&M and their two tackles held him up all game. Luke Joeckel is a pro-bowl talent NFL tackle.

Eddy Lacy – RB Alabama

I know Greg Jones won’t last forever and I know what a blocking weapon he is. I think Eddy Lacy could be a younger Greg Jones with running ability. He is powerful and athletic. What he was doing in the Championship game was fantastic. With him and MJD in the backfield, we might have a great combination. Eddy Lacy will be a good all-around NFL back.

DJ Fluker – OT Alabama

Two reasons for DJ Fluker on my list. One is that Alabama could run at will whenever they needed to against anyone. Any Alabama lineman is welcome in my book. The second reason he is so BIG. This guy is a monster at 355 pounds. He represents the kind of offensive line I always hoped we would have. Guys you simply can’t push around and who can push you out of the way when we want three yards. DJ Fluker is a big, big man.

Travis Fredrick – C Wisconsin

Wisconsin played Standford in the Rose Bowl. Wisconsin almost beat Standford by running the ball. Wisconcin completed maybe 10 passes the entire game and was intercepted once. Despite the fact that they couldn’t throw the ball, they almost won by running right at Stanford. Wisconsin doesn’t have a great O-Line but they have an impressively bright, hard playing center, Travis Fredrick. Brad Meester is too old to play every down in the next season. Travis Fredrick would make a great Brad Meester replacement.

If any of these guys show up in our training camp, I will be glad to see them.

– Terry O’Brien