“Do Your Job!”


The Jacksonville Jaguars have found an affable, charismatic head coach in Gus Bradley. His impression during his introductory press conference got people smiling, laughing, and excited. His passion for the game is an infectious aura around him.

That demeanor may lead some to believe that he won’t be a strong enough personality to be a head coach.  In reading one analysis of Bradley when he was interviewing for the Eagles, this seemed to be a sticking point.  Can the positive, upbeat Bradley also be respected when he breaks form and gets tough on his players?

I had never really thought of this because I had already seen this video of Bradley on Youtube:

I think that answers any questions about whether he’ll be able to get after his players and still retain their respect.  “Do your job” and “keep getting better” may as well be Bradley’s “keep chopping wood” mantra as a head coach.  I like it.  Hopefully it won’t involve anybody putting an axe in his foot as well.

Bradley’s passion for the game boils over into an exuberance and energy that should inspire his players.  All season long his Seattle Seahawks continued to outperform their age and talent level.  They are a skilled group of players, but anybody who says they really anticipated such a balanced, dominating defense would have been lying to you.  Seattle was a reflection of Bradley and head coach Pete Carroll.  I’ll be pleased if the Jaguars are only a reflection of Bradley.

His press conference showed a man who is pleased to be a part of the rebuild of the Jacksonville Jaguars.  It showed a man who is pleased and humbled about where he is at this point in his career.  More importantly, it showed the passion that this man brings with him everywhere he goes.

He’ll make sure that the Jaguars do their jobs and keep getting better.

– Luke N. Sims

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