It’s As If Chad Henne Doesn’t Even Want To Start


Maybe this is all part of Chad Henne’s master plan to no longer be with the Jaguars for next year, but this game against the Patriots was winnable.  If not for a pair of Henne interceptions, the Jags would have been able to at least force overtime – if not win.  The statistics show one touchdown, three interceptions, 330 yards, while completing 58.6% of his passes but that isn’t the whole story.  Henne fell apart later in the game and the team fell apart along with him.

When your defense picks off Terrific Tom twice, you need to take advantage.  You absolutely cannot give the ball back in crucial situations!  Source: Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

I’m all for seeing a Jags quarterback put up 300+ yards.  We all know we’ve been starved of that since Blaine Gabbert was chosen to be the future of the franchise.  However, if you toss 300 yards please don’t toss some untimely interceptions to go with them.  I’m just not certain Henne can play a complete four quarters.  He has tossed a number of picks to end games and even more during second halves that are close for the team.  When your defense is able to limit the best offense in the NFL to only 23 points, you have to try and win those games.

Henne just doesn’t look like he wants this job.

Maybe it’s the best he can do and the Jags truly don’t have a quarterback with a very high ceiling on the field.  Maybe it’s just a bad couple of series that are the perfect storm of poor line play, good coverage, and poor decision making.  I don’t much care what it is because it’s costing us games.  The final interception to Patrick Chung was the second interception near the endzone (both by Chung) of the game for Henne.

Henne was given the rest of the 2012 season to try out for the starting spot next year. With the body of work he has presented, I seriously doubt he’ll get the shot next year.  Right now, if both Gabbert and Henne are with the team next season, I can only see this being a quarterback competition with no clear leader at the moment.  It’s sad, but the big play ability that Henne brings to this Jags offense is fraught with unfortunate events like interceptions.

I wish Henne would play like he means to be a starter, but right now it doesn’t even seem like he wants it.

– Luke N. Sims

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