Justin Blackmon Still Just a Rookie


Justin Blackmon has had a heck of a run over the past few weeks.  Counting the Bills game, Blackmon has 307 yards over the past three weeks.  Over 100 yards per game for any period in a wide receivers rookie year is quite good.  Am I satisfied that Blackmon has performed so well?  Of course not.  But truth be told, I’m not certain I should expect it to continue in his first year.

Blackmon is going to be a good receiver in the NFL.  Right now, though, he’s still just a rookie.

After putting up 236 yards against the Texans in week 11, Blackmon has slowly settled back down to his regular rookie form.  He had a respectable 62 yards against the Titans last week.  This week he showed that he is still just a rookie and provided only nine yards on one catch against the Bills.

It will take time to see Blackmon become a Cecil Shorts III or a Calvin Johnson, if ever does.  He may not match other receivers in play style, but he is hoping to get to the same level of consistent production that other NFL receivers provide for their teams.  The Bills are by no means a dominating defense, yet Blackmon just couldn’t get in position to make plays.  He has had this problem for most of the season.  I was asked by State of the Texans, prior to the week 11 matchup whether Blackmon just wasn’t trying or what his deal was.  I firmly believe it is just a lack of experience.  Older receivers are still good because they run clean routes and know moves to shake defenders; Blackmon is still learning these moves.

It will come.

But for now Blackmon shows that he is just a rookie.  The Bills beat the Jaguars and they beat Blackmon.

– Luke N. sims

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