Jags Offense Abysmal in Loss to Texans


And here we thought we were escaping the year of 2011.  After the Minnesota heartbreaker the Jags had some positive things going for them.  They looked to be on track, progressing as they rebuilt.  Jared Allen was shut out, Maurice Jones-Drew was back, and Blaine Gabbert looked like the man we want him to be.

That look of confusion is about what I have on my face right now.  Blaine needs to get better.  Source: Phil Sears-US PRESSWIRE

Enter the Houston Texans and the Jags look like a high school squad.  Whether it was MJD only running the ball 12 times, the fact that running backs had almost half the team’s catches (4 of 9), or that Blaine Gabbert barely threw past 50 yards, this offense looked terrible.  A team cannot win with a meager 117 yards in a game.  In fact the Jags had negative passing yards for a large portion of the first half.

The offensive line injuries are obviously taking a toll on the Jags.  Without a strong line to protect him, it will be difficult for Gabbert to look anything like he did against the Vikings.  Without a strong line to block for him, Jones-Drew will look like one of the worst backs in the league.  It’s a difficult thing to face, but the offensive line is dictating how the team plays right now.  And right now the offensive line and the team are both doormats for the opponent.

It’s rough to try and be the best team on the field when you can’t move the ball and the Jaguars offense is incapable of moving the ball currently.  The team needs to focus on schemes that can move the ball in any situation, because right now the Jaguars can’t seem to take advantage of matchups (not that there were many advantageous matchups in this game).  They were outclassed and out-schemed by the Texans on Sunday.

While I fume here in front of my computer, I find it tough to note positives from this game.  There wasn’t much that made the Jags look professional and I’m certain the coaches have noticed this.  They’ll want to remedy whatever they can as soon as possible.  It will be a long week before the Colts seven days from now.

– Luke N. Sims

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