Adrian Peterson Says, “Without [MJD], Jags Would Be Terrible”


Oh Adrian Peterson, our dear friend to the North, I have news for you.  Even with MJD the Jags offense was terrible.

Peterson reportedly backed up MJD in a statement to the media on Thursday.  While our fellow Fansided site The Viking Age is wondering if this is bulletin board material, I’m willing to guarantee that it is.  Calling out the Jags’ offense is a common occurrence across the media and the NFL, but even with MJD it resulted in the worst offense in the league.

I can’t understand why so many people – fans, players, and media alike – insist that the only reason the Jags stay relevant is because of Maurice Jones-Drew.  Sure, there wouldn’t be a superstar, but I’m decently confident they could win five games without him as well.  Maybe they could only win three, but even then they’d be as good as the Vikings were last year.

TVA editor made a very good point in saying that us Jags fans could just as easily say, “What would the Vikings be without Adrian Peterson?”  While I won’t go so low as to do that, I think it’s pretty apparent and not at all insulting to say the Jags offense was terrible last season.  It was.  Whether they have MJD or not, I think it would improve this season.  It just so happens that the rushing leader is now back with the team, so if we’re expecting development don’t be shocked.

While I won’t go so far as to say, “But this year’s a different story, of course. They’d be good even without MJD.” like Mr. Zinski does (I don’t like being mocked for my sarcasm even), I do think they wouldn’t be terrible….ok, not so terrible.

– Luke N. Sims

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