Marcedes Lewis is Losing His Luster


At the end of the 2010 season, Marcedes Lewis was the belle of the ball.  He had 700 yards, was a premium target for then-Jaguars quarterback David Garrard, and he was able to bully linebackers, defensive linemen, and corners in run blocking.  He was the kind of guy every team wanted to provide that extra spark.

That year, Lewis made the pro bowl.  He was widely recognized as a premium talent in the league and was a desperately needed star for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Where did he go this past year?

Lewis had a number of drops, failed to run crisp routes, appeared moody, and did not do much to lead the team during a poor stretch that required good leadership from the team’s better players.  He finished 2011 with 460 yards and no touchdowns (-10 from 2010).

He went from a talent the entire media was talking about to one that isn’t even mentioned in the talks of who was the best tight end in the league.

We’ve chatted about how Lewis needs to up his game in 2012 a lot.  But he has lost his luster for everyone.  He isn’t just needed for the franchise.  He needs to do better to have a job.

The best tight ends in the league don’t just have one major year and then disappear.  The best tight ends may have a major year, a few good years, another major year, and then some.  But Lewis has shown that he is a very high-low player.  Will he be worth it?  Will that type of play keep him around.

He better have a booming year in 2012 if he wants to stick around.  I’ll be criticizing him every time he drops the ball if isn’t scoring touchdowns and getting open.

– Luke N. Sims

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