Flipping The Bird! Screw LA!


With the approval of the new Vikings stadium, the Jags will once again become the hottest team to be rumored to L.A.  You may say, “But Shahid Khan and Co. have guaranteed the Jags will stay in Jacksonville!”  Agreed.  You and I both know that.  But what about the national media?  What about the talking heads on ESPN?  Will Tony Kornheiser on PTI spout something stupid within the first weeks of the season (When does he not?) about the Jags possibly moving?

Odds are it will happen.

I’m really happy Minnesota is getting a new stadium.  Lord knows they need it.  But rather than celebrating the success of getting an NFL team another new stadium, the debate and discussion will invariably turn to which team with L.A. try to seduce?  Which team is in a small market?  Which team can’t seem to get the approval of the general populace.

And of course, Jacksonville will be in that discussion.  Nevermind the fact that the Cleveland Rams came from a decent sized city and metropolitan area where they were successful (9-1 the year before moving) before moving to L.A.  Nevermind that the Oakland Raiders with their rabid fanbase and ridiculous amount of support moved down there.  It’s always about how the small-market team can’t make it in the modern NFL.

Well, it’s about time we all said what we’re thinking: Screw Los Angeles!  This is the Jacksonville Jaguars, not the L.A. Jaguars or some other Southern California animal.  This is the team with the Cinderella season.  The team of greats like Fred Taylor, Tony Boselli, and Jimmy Smith.  This is the team that helped make the AFC become a powerhouse again in the 1990s despite the dynasty of the Dallas Cowboys.

I’m heading off the rumors now and speculation before it even begins.  Khan and Co. are keeping the team here where the fans are among the best in the nation.

Whenever you read or hear the inevitable speculation that will arise, keep in mind that here in Jaguars Country we just don’t give a damn.

– Luke N. Sims