Things I am wondering about…


Things that make me go hummmmm

I confess to have taken less on an intense interest in Jaguar football than I have in the past. I am so pleased at how The Hof runs this site that I have been content in my semi-retirement.  I am merely a fan watching how the team progresses. Having said that, here are some things that made me sit up and wonder about the Jaguars and things I will be watching for in the next game…

The move of Eben Britton to Left Guard in the last game caught me by surprise. I haven’t seen any discussion or heard any talk about it but I am curious. Has Eben been beaten out by Guy Whimper or did Will Rackley not measure up as a starter? Other than the last game, I thought Eugene Monroe has been playing well. Brad Meester is playing strong and Uche Nwaneri looked killer this year.  Is this a move to put the best guys in the game or an experiment with Eben? Hummmmm. We need to watch this development.

Is it my imagination or is Paul Posluszny playing middle linebacker as well as anyone in the league? Well maybe that is an overstatement, how about in the top five? I just seem to see his number everywhere the ball is. Speaking of linebackers, isn’t Daryl Smith playing about as well as anyone at otside linebacker? Well, maybe that is a bit over the top, how about in the top ten of outside linebackers. I have never really liked Clint Sessions and wish Justin Durant had stayed, but has Gene Smith put together one of the best linebacking corp in the NFL? Hummmmm, I wonder. We need to watch this.

Is it my imagination or is William Middleton developing into a decent cornerback? Something is beginning to happen back there of a more positive nature.  The pass defense is still lacking in many ways including the rush, but it doesn’t seem to be “as bad” as it was.  One thing that does make me wonder even more, however, is that Reggie Nelson seems to be playing well in Cincinnati. That is what makes me go Hummmm the most. Reggie is playing well, Drayton Florence is playing well. Heck, even Deon Grant is still playing well.   I just wonder how much of our problem in the backfield was personnel and how much was just bad preparation and missed coaching opportunities. The coaching in the defense has been a horrible mess of changing people for a few years. Maybe we are beginning to see the effect of Jack not having a hand in it and Mel Tucker calling the shots.  Hummmmm…. Let’s see how this defense progresses without Jack getting as much involved.

Well, there is more I wonder about, but most of it is being covered. These were just a few things I saw that nobody seemed to talk about. What are your opinions? Should I have stayed in retirement?