O-Zone, OH NO: Your Afternoon Jaguars Remix


I felt like bringing back the “Afternoon Beer” theme. This time, it’s exclusively pulled from today’s O-Zone (no more “Ask Vic” – Packers edition). RIP, Vic.

"Jason from Mims, FL:Years ago when I had a big pit bull, I would feed him McDonald’s hamburgers on the weekend as a treat. Problem was, he would inhale them, so I always had to tear or cut them up so he would have to actually eat them. Driving though town one day, I realized he could probably eat a Krystal with only a simple tear in half. So I stopped, brought them out to the truck and put one in front of him . . . he put his mouth on it, then put it down and refused to eat it . . . even a dog that eats McDonald’s, squirrels, and live mullet, wouldn’t touch a Krystal.John: My dog has many attributes and we love him. He also has been known to eat his own waste. Should I ask him what I should eat?"

Andrew: Probably because your dog wasn’t drunk.

"Robert from Jacksonville:On Jaguars this week you were talking about Prosinski and saying he is just a 4th round pick but Finnegan from Tennessee is a seventh-rounder and Antoine Bethea from Indy was drafted in the sixth round and these guys are major contributors.John: And Tom Brady was a sixth-rounder. They are exceptions and not the rule. My point was people often overanalyze and have unreasonably high expectations of draft picks – particularly early. What I was trying to say about Prosinski is if he comes in this season and plays at a high level on special teams and as a backup safety, then it’s a good pick. If he can play extensively in the safety rotation – and he’ll get that chance – then so much the better."

Andrew: Ahhhh…the undying optimism of NFL fans during the offseason. Nobody ever talks about the 4th round picks who were folding t-shirts at Abercrombie two years later. Tom Brady was the 199th pick of the 2000 draft, Joe Webb was the 199th pick of the 2010 draft…COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT. I don’t have any contacts in Zigi’s front office, but I’m pretty sure Minnesota is slightly less optimistic than Robert.

"Jonathan from Tampa, FL:I’d take a tough Ben Roethlisberger over a soft Peyton Manning any day.John: And off we go . . ."

Andrew: I agree with Jonathan here, but when it comes down to a soft Peyton Manning versus a hard Ben Roethlisberger, take your chances with Peyton. For safety’s sake.

"Trevor from Duval, FL:Based on what you’ve seen or heard so far, do you see any chance the Jags could bring in a big WR target like Sydney Rice or even Randy Moss this year?John: I do not. Wide receiver is a high-risk, low-reward position in free agency and the Jaguars like the young players they have at the spot. Never say never, but it would be surprising if the Jaguars focused on that spot this season. Look for them to give players such as Mike Thomas and Jason Hill a chance to develop, and if they don’t progress, the position could be addressed next off-season."

Andrew: Big like the Jaguars 2007 receiving corps? Where all the guys that were tall enough to be in the NBA, but didn’t have the ballskills came looking for employment? Matt Jones, Reggie Williams, Ernest Wilford – pretty explosive bunch. Or big like big-named, as in Randy Moss’ case? Yeah, let’s get a big name receiver who is in such high demand for his contributions that he played on three different teams in the span of one month.

– Andrew Hofheimer