Love It or Hate It – Jaguars Gameday Attire


The lockout is fully in place, the news has slowed to a trickle, the only thing the fans have now is speculation, insanity or worse… baseball… to occupy their time. I do not partake in the things mentioned, but I do participate in the off season debate in another fashion. FASHION.

Now, I know what you may be thinking, “what the heck does Jason know about fashion?” Well the truth is, absolutely nothing. I’ve had 5-year-olds tell me that my outfits don’t match, but there is a caveat… I know Jaguars fashion when I see it. Today’s Love it or Hate it is dedicated to game day fashion. Game day fashion is this – anything that you would wear to a Jags game. I know, a tough concept. I just wanted to go over the different styles that I have seen at the Jags games and what I consider fashion faux pas and fashion glory. Let’s start with the first group…

The “wears the attire of a nonparticipating team” Guy

This guy is the guy who shows up to the September games wearing Jeans and a t-shirt, even though its 90+ degrees outside. This is the guy who doesn’t cheer for either team, no no no, this guy is just there to belittle everything on the field and occasionally things off of it. In Jacksonville, this guy usually wears a Dolphins, Steelers or Giants. This guy always draws the ire of the true fashion gurus, as they release a resounding “wtf?” upon his scaling of the stairs to his throne of a different color. Who hasn’t seen the guy who shows up to the game in an Orioles jersey and cap. I mean, if you are going to show up to an NFL game, at least sport the gear of a good team! One can only hope to delight in the fashion errors of this guy, but there is another, far more sinister version of this guy… the Tebow jersey sporting UF fan. May God have mercy upon your eyes if you spot him lumbering toward you on gameday. The only virtue worth noting for this guy? Well, if its an NFL jersey, it means that he is probably a transplant (50%+ of Jacksonville’s population is of that variety) and should be lauded for attending the game.

  • Fashion sense: Very little (NFL gear) to none (College or other sports gear)

The “guy who dresses like he’s going out to the club”… guy

This type of guy has been growing in popularity recently. His group’s growth can be directly linked to the direct correlation between alcohol and the continued wussification of NFL football. This guy no longer goes to the game for football, but rather dresses up to show off to the NFL caliber hotties that grace the stadium… take it how you will… This guy hits the Sky Lounge and Bud Zone with fervor that cannot be matched by a sports fan alone, and even more astoundinly, his stature only grows proportionally with the amount of alcohol consumed. His power wanes when he shows his face at his actual seat (if he even makes it there).

  • Fashion sense: None at the game, but man he’ll look good at the afterparty

The “Average Jaxson” Fan

He is the guy that nobody complains about. He looks the same as most of the other people, but so what? He’s rocking a Jags shirt and pants or shorts depending on the weather. He grabs a couple of beers during the breaks and remains in his seat for the most part. He cheers for the majority of the game and vents when something goes wrong. He does nothing flashy but everything well. He is the offensive linemen of the Jag fan fashion world. You only notice him when something goes wrong.

  • Fashion Sense: below average to above average.

The Fanatic

This guy is insane. He doesn’t necessarily have all of the gear as the “All in Guy” or even the “Average Jaxson”, but he makes up for it with intensity and sheer willpower. This guy is the one who has no Jag shirts, but rather a closet full of body paint in teal, black and gold. This guy owns Jag colored wigs and hair dye. He is the monk of the fan fashionista. He sheds material things for the bearing of his jungle cat heart. He pregames the hardest so he never has to leave his seat or his chance at camera fame. He is The Fanatic.

  • Fashion sense: Very high, but the Jags front office doesn’t like him due to his non-material ways

The All In Guy

This is my favorite category, because, I am one. This guy wastes his pocket money on Jags gear, but to him, it isn’t a waste. This guy has a Jaguars logo on every single item of clothing that he wears to the game. He’s got Jag shoes, socks, pants, shirt, hat, sunglasses and a Jag flag that he uses as a cape. This guy catches your attention but makes you stop and think to yourself, “does he own anything else in his wardrobe?” Let me tell you friends, the answer is no, there is nothing but teal, black and white in his closet and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Fashion Sense: Real life – none, Jags game – Perfect

So Jags fans, what category do you fall into?

– Jason Love