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Odd Thoughts on Jaguars First Round Pick


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The Jaguars current general manager, Gene Smith, is not known for drafting the best-available -Mel-Kiper player. With the selection of Tyson Alualu in last years draft, followed by 3 defensive linemen, it became evident that he would do exactly what he wants. The End.

So, with this in mind let’s take a look at a few out-of-the-box routes that GM Gene might take:

1) Ryan Mallet

I know at this point you are probably tired of me touting Mallett, but think of this: Nothing except a public intoxication has been found on Mallett. The best pure passer in the draft comes to Jacksonville and gets to sit for a year and then have the opportunity to shine. It sounds great to me. Besides, that PI was years ago. Kids grow up in college.

2) Draft Texas CB Aaron Williams as a safety

Many draft pundits have declared that Williams is a better safety prospect than cornerback prospect and after spending an un-healthy amount of time on YouTube, I have to say I agree. Williams has an almost in-human ability to control his body in the air. With amazing ball-hawk skills and plenty of speed combined with the ability to line up in the slot on 3-wr packages, we just actually have a first round safety.

3) Draft a RT

Imagine taking someone that is considered a well-built and well-developed LT and placing them on the right side. This is not unheard of. Smith has commented before that current RT Eben Britton could move inside if needed. I’m all for strengthening a strength and adding years to Maurice Jones-Drew.

4) Trading up for a “special” player

Who knows who Gene would consider special to the point of losing draft picks? Smith once remarked that draft picks are like babies and you just wanna protect them and consider them precious (rough quote). Maybe if someone like Patrick Peterson is available at 8…..

5) Trading out of the first round

Have an obsession with draft picks and you are on your way to becoming a GM in the NFL. A good one at that.

These are in no real order and are just to help us think with a little different perspective. Gene Smith will more than likely not do what everyone thinks. Then again, Ryan Kerrigan is a good player and does meet the criteria. So, maybe that IS the crazy thing. Something assumable.

One last thought: Be aware of slowly falling Iowa DE Adrian Clayborn.