A Realistic 2011 Jaguars Mock Draft


Lot’s of people, including our own Luke Sims, like to pick out certain players for the Jaguars to get in every round after they do their first round mock. His can be found here.

The first BlackAndTeal mock was done by “The Linebacker” as part of his “Love it or Hate it…” series and can be found here.

So, with my mock releasing later tonight (after more dreaded film work), I thought I’d release an ideal pick for our beloved Jaguars in every round. Now, keep in mind that my first round pick might be different here than in the mock. It all depends on who is available. I’m not accounting for trades, mock drafts are enough speculation on their own.

Round 1, pick 16:

Cameron Jordan, DE California

I love this one particular description I read of Jordan back in February when I was supposed to be working: “Jordan is the type of tackler that makes you wonder if he hurt the guy he tackled”. I hadn’t seen film yet, but I wanted him. Strong-side DE that will punish people. If he takes up a double team, then Alualu is one-on-one. Sweet Dreams are made of these….

Alternate Selections:

DE JJ Watt, Wisconsin (won’t be available)

RT Gabe Carimi, Wisconsin

DE Ryan Kerrigan, Purdue

RB Mark Ingram, Alabama

LT Derek Sherrod, Miss State

Round 2:

Free Safety Aaron Williams, Texas (probably not available)

backup: Free Safety Rahim Moore, UCLA

If you have seen a Jaguars game in the last 3 years then you need no reasoning. As to the particular player, he would be excellent at safety and if you remember that he was a CB in college, you can note that he would be able to line up in the slot and cover a WR without it being a new thing. It’s a copycat league, right? Remember Malcolm Jenkins, CB Ohio State? He had similar speed and went to the Saints and did “OK”. They moved him to free safety last season and he all but made Pro Bowler Darren Sharper expendable on play alone (sharpers age and injury didn’t help)

Rahim Moore is a ballhawk and a sure tackler. These are two qualities that our safety group doesn’t seem to comprehend at the moment.

Round 3:

QB Ricky Stanzi,  Iowa

I’m a big believer in this guy and really hope we get him, sit him for a year and see what happens. Worst-case scenario, he is only ok and we draft another one in 3 years. BUT, if you think about it, Stanzi will have progressed in 3 years and with GM Gene’s drafting, the entire team will be better. At that stage, he could play like Greg McElroy at Alabama and that would be good enough until we find the “next big thing”.

Round 4:

MLB Chris White, Mississippi State (pictured)

I was able to watch almost all of White’s games at Miss State. White came from a junior college and played on the outside in a 43 defense during his junior season. Going into his senior season, I was pessimistic about the kinda slow guy that was “ok” playing on the inside. He was replacing Jamar Chaney and Chaney was always a pleasure to watch. White got increasingly better nearly every game his senior year. He was all over the field. His strengths were easily more favorable at stopping the run but I cannot recall any linebacker shifting through running lanes and placing a “bear hug” on RB’s as easily as he seemed to do it.  By years end, I was worried we’d never replace him for the 2011 season. Oh well, the Jaguars can get an ever-increasing player that was first-team All-SEC and somehow flying wayyy below the radar.

Round 5:

QB Tyrod Taylor, Virginia Tech

It’s at this point that I realize I have risked going 100% in my guesses. Gene probably won’t draft two QB’s but when you think about it, you are talking about drafting a QB in round 3 and round 5. You’re not risking your franchise on this. Taylor can develop into a mega-star. He ran a 4.4 at the combine and in a personal workout with Michael Vick (a close friend, same college) on an ESPN special, Vick made the comment that he wished he could throw as hard as Taylor…. Are you kidding me?

Taylor makes plays all over the field, he is the quintessential development QB. That is what Gene stated he wanted. So, we have two QB’s here to develop. Allow Trent Edwards to go Free Agency and keep McCown as #2. Trade Garrard in 2012 for what you can to a desperate team, no doubt Oakland or Seattle at that point, and keep 4 QB’s on the active roster for 2011. I know that sounds crazy but it worked when the Patriots were “crazy” and “wasted a roster spot” on some kid named Tom Brady as their 4th QB in his rookie season. This is what it’s about. Take a chance on a kid and leave him on the roster for a year. A full year of playbook and training and then an all-out camp battle between McCown, Stanzi and Taylor. Absolute worst-case, we have the most depth at QB in the league with great back-ups. Maybe a star is born somewhere on that team.

Round 6:

RB Noel Devine, WV or FS Robert Sands, WV

I don’t want you think I’m a homer of WV by any means but let’s examine these. Noel Devine changes the way defenses line up. It might be a stretch to say he’s available here. Devine has change-of-direction ability comparable to Percy Harvin (WR Vikings) and Dexter McCluster (Chiefs). So, we add Devine and Koetter (offensive coordinato) adds pages to his playbook. Devine would be a “slash” type player not really having a position.

For Robert Sands, we get a monstrously sized safety at 6’4″ and 217 lbs. Sands can get great angles on the ball coming in at better height than anyone else. The main problem here is that with that size, he can’t turn his hips as fast, but we are talking about a 6th rounder that is rough enough to switch to SS. I see a lot of possibilities with Sands. He might could even play a rover backer, combining SS and OLB. Great in run situations. He loves to punish tackle. That’s what I want. To punish.

Round 7:

No pick in this round, currently.

So, what do you guys think of these players?