2011 NFL Draft Quarterback Rankings


As with any grading, I want to make sure it’s understood that I wish all the prospects the best of luck in both the draft, and their careers. If I’m saying anything negative, it’s not meant to be personal toward the player or the fans of the player (a la most people vs tim tebow in 2010). These are just what I have observed so far, much more film work is required until I get  my final rankings, as I’m sure it is with a lot of the GM’s. Keep in mind that I can’t interview or personally work out any of the players, so I am disadvantaged when it comes to getting to know them for character reasonings and things such as that. However, thanks to YouTube, I have access to almost any of the film I need. So, let us begin:

Tier 1

Andy Dalton, Texas Christian (TCU)

has the “it” factor

knows offense

plenty arm strength

great leader

The Stud of the Class

outstanding accuracy

could benefit from sitting a year to learn playbook and increase decision making

true leader, not that others aren’t, I just fully believe Dalton has everything you need

decent runner

Tier 2

Ricky Stanzi, Iowa

all the tools are almost there

leadership is there

experience is there

pro style offense

deep ball could be better

develop this guy one to two years and hes great

decent enough runner, wants to pass

Colin Kaepernick, Nevada

great runner

great passer

great arm strength

might need to learn pro-style stuff such as taking the snap under center. i have no idea how he performs there. i would need an individual workout to move him up a tier

Christian Ponder, Florida State (pictured right)

I think too many Jags fans are sold on Ponder, He’s good but no sure bet,

Be a fan after they’re drafted

amazing touch on passes on sideline passes and short passes

lacks deep ball arm strength

pro-style exp

good leader

Tier 3

Jake Locker, Washington

will get drafted too high

great leader

horrible accuracy

great arm

great running ability

needs development but might be amazing. accuracy is just so bad its hard to tell

Tier 4

Blaine Gabbert, Missouri

runs from people who arent there

plays too loose

doesn’t seem to “get” coverages

too little discipline in stance

I can’t comprehend the hype

The Two Enigmas:

Cameron Newton

I won’t rank him. I’ll let another team draft him. A great leader, an amazing football player, but someone who has zero experience playing any remote version of an NFL offense. A lot of Newton’s game was predicated upon his ability to run. Will he be Michael Vick as played with Atlanta? I don’t think so. Did you see the Gruden interview with him? He didn’t come across like he was one to understand nuances of any offense, much less a complicated one.

Ryan Mallett

I would draft him top-5 no question, but I can’t make a call on the character concerns. My gut tells me he’s fine. These reports, however, lead me to believe that he will be an off-field problem. I do not doubt hid on-field skills or his locker room leadership. It’s just these reports bother me. Also horrible footwork that has gotten better. That is coachable, he sets well everytime he runs to the side and then throws. This shows me that he can work on footwork.

These are the two I can’t make my mind up on due to not having my own interviews or workouts with them. I’ll tell you this though. If I’m Carolina and I’m hell-bent on a quarterback out of this draft. I’m doing more homework on Mallett than Newton.

Just my thoughts, what are yours?

-Brandon Clark