Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett, The Draft Study

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My Final Perception:

He’s a guy that will excel in an offense that doesnt require him to run. He needs to gather more football knowledge but could start as a rookie, although a year in an offense before starting would only help him out. Mallett is a very personable guy and that will serve him well. He seemed to “light up” twice during the Gruden interview. Firstly, when Gruden asked him about dissecting a play and secondly, when Gruden asked him how close he was to the teammates in the locker room. Mallett said that he was a very loyal teammate and that it was because he and his teammates were friends first and then teammates. They worked on their football a lot, outside of practice.

Practicing on his own. Who does that remind you of? Peyton Manning.

This guy sounds like a great lockout QB.

I’m not saying Mallet is the next Peyton Manning, but I will have a smile on my face in the even that he does make it to the Jaguars. I also don’t see this as improbable. GM Gene Smith will do his own background checks and found out whats really going on, I just don’t believe the allegations. He’s a fine, young QB with no evidence as being a bad character in any environment. He’s documented as being a great teammate as well as team captain. He also has never failed a drug test and I won’t be surprised one bit if he is drafted in the top-15 or higher. He reminds me of a long-legged Terry Bradshaw.

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-Brandon Clark