The Quarterback is the Trophy, is this where Gene will look?


As Vic Ketchman said last week, on his “Ask Vic” column, Joe Namath has said that “[the Quarterback] is the trophy.” This is now commonplace in the NFL. Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Ben Rothlisberger, Eli Manning are all players who have been to the big dance and perhaps after next Sunday all will have won a Super Bowl. Their draft position isn’t what they have in common, it’s the fact they are elite QBs with great offensive linemen.

Now draft position may help. If Bradford or Clausen is available when the Jags draft at 10/11 they will probably consider them, how seriously only Gene Smith knows. I do think there is a strong possibility we could see the Jags trade down and draft Mike Iupati to put some more youth on the offensive line. With Minnesota and Arizona needing QBs,  a trade partner to get the Jags back later in the first and back into the second is feasible if Bradford or Clausen are available and desirable.

Jarrett Brown has impressed many this week at the Senior Bowl while Jacksonville native, Tim Tebow has proven his detractors right with his inability to take snaps under center and make accurate throws. Neither look to be first round selections.

There is still quarterback depth in the later rounds, which is in the favor of the Jaguars. The Jags do not need to rush a rookie QB out onto the field. Garrard will be serviceable to do what the Jags need from the QB position this season. This gives the drafted QB a chance to learn the offense and be put in a position to lead the Jaguars into the future and possibly hoisting the Lombardi trophy this decade.

Rebuilding takes time, and the Jags right now are in a situation to capitalize once age catches up on the AFC elite, the Pats and Colts. As I said the Quarterback is the trophy but the the trophy needs protected.  The best way is to build a solid wall of security around him with a youthful line growing in experience together.  Whoever is the QB for the Jaguars in 2012 and beyond will have one of the best security around him. If you don’t believe me, just look to New Jersey and see what the J-E-T-S did this season with their first round offensive line and Mark Sanchez this season.  Drafting again into the offensive line makes a lot of sense. Don’t be surprised if Gene Smith finds the BAP to be an offensive lineman.

-Bryan Simek