My Team Teal Rally


It was a cold night on January 12, 2010 and Wayne has had a long day already. The meeting with Jack and Gene had lasted 4 hours. The media buildup to the event was huge speculating on Jack being fired. All of this was a surprise to Jack.  Wayne then held a very aggressive press conference in which he declared the team was the Jacksonville Jaguars and Jack Del Rio was the coach. He then met Tony Boselli at 4:00 for a meeting with 60 of the top corporations in Jacksonville to discuss support for the Jaguars.  Finally at 6:00 PM, the tireless 75 year old owner of the Jaguars braced the cold to lead an opening cheer for the fans and begin the rally for ticket sales introducing Team Teal. 

Understand the playoffs are not yet finished. Understand there is a month of football left.  Understand that Wayne is not sitting around hoping people buy tickets, he led by example that the organization will be aggressive in selling out the stadium.  $300 season tickets spread over 10 payments a season and locked in pricing for 3 years?  Good enough for you? Well frends they aren’t stopping there!  Let me clue you you in on how much more there is.  But that can wait.

Jaxon DeVille led the management team in. Any idea who the real star is?

Mayor John Peyton gave a nice speech about the importance of the Jaguars to the city.  Wayne spoke about his desire for the team and the organization and how he needs us all. You couldn’t help but get excited just to want to be a part of it all. Wayne Weaver is a man you want to know and help. Gene Smith is not a great speaker. Gene Smith is a worker and you get the sense while he is speaking, he is really somewhere else planning something. He gives a very good impression of being honest but no fooling around.

But the event was dedicated to launching Team Teal with Tony Boselli as the chairman.  Here is the concept. The Jaguars are looking to sell a three year commitment for season ticket sales. If you commit for three years, they will put you on a 30 month payment plan.  I have 2 seats in section 106 that cost $980 per year. My three year payments are $198 a month.  You can buy a $300 season ticket for $30 pe month.  But that isn’t the only incentive.  If you own a three year season ticket, you can be a captain in Team Teal. As a captain, you can have team members. Anyone with a season ticket can be a team member. They simply have to link to a team.

For each dollar the team commits, they earn points. The points make you eligible for a drawing.  You decide the prize you want to win. Here are the prizes.

300 POINTS • Autographed footballs •Autographed Jerseys •Behind-the-scenes stadium tours

1,000 POINTS •Autographed helmets •On-field pregame passes •Club-Seat upgrades

2,000 POINTS  •Terrace Suite upgrades •Passes to practice sessions closed to the public

3,000 POINTS  •Lunches at the Training Table with players  •Receptions for 50 people in the Jaguars Locker Room

4,000 POINTS •Use of the Jaguars Team Meeting Room for business meetings •Opportunities to watch an away game in the Jaguars Team Meeting Room

10,000 POINTS•Pepsi Tailgate Cabanas for 20 people Tables for 10 at pre-game VIP party in the Sky Lounge •Suites for home games  •Honorary member of the Field Crew at a home game  •Tickets to the NFL Draft  •Tickets to the NFL Combine  •Tickets to the Pro Bowl  •Tickets to the Super Bowl  •Trips to an away game on the team-charter plane  •Opportunities to sit in the Owner’s Box for a home game

For example, my season tickets are $980 x 2 x 3 years for a total of $5880 points.  I could choose to be in the drawing for lunch with the players, practices closed to the public, and autographed jerseys.  If I recruited 10 more season ticket members to the team at $420 per ticket, we could be in the drawing for an opportunity to join Wayne in his box.

I was surprised at the line to buy tickets after the rally. The Jaguars had the entire ticket office crew ready to take orders and I waited in line for about 30 minutes.  Not bad for a cold January night. Good idea having Hot Chocolate on sale!

I think people should think about this. Currently there are 72 teams eligible for drawings.  In short, your chances of winning something are very very good.  This is a rare opportunity.  Here is the link to Team Teal.  Find a team, get a cheap seat and consider it!

– Terry O’Brien